June 22, 2024
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Find the perfect gift for Christmas in this Alabama holiday gift guide featuring items inspired by or made in our amazing southern state! #giftguide #holiday #alabama #christmas #holidays #travelgifts #gifts

Travel to Alabama Holiday Gift Guide

The friendliest people, the most beautiful landscapes, and the best barbecues are some of the things that the great state of Alabama offers us. That’s why, whether you’re traveling to the state, a resident of the state, friend to a homesick Alabamian, or an adoring fan, Sweet Home Alabama deserves all your love this shopping season. Spread the cheer among your friends and family by choosing something for them from this Alabama holiday gift guide…who says you can’t travel via gift-giving?

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Alabama Holiday Gift Guide

With the year coming to a close, I rounded up a list of all the best Alabama gifts to give your loved ones. From your baby nephew to your significant other, you’ll find something for everyone on this guide. Keep reading to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Totally Bamboo Alabama Shaped Cutting Board

This is the gift for the Alabama lover whose second love is hosting good homely get-togethers. The Alabama Shaped Totally Bamboo Cutting Board is beautiful as a serving platter. With a hang tie, it also acts as a classy addition to your kitchen decor. It’s made from sustainably sourced Moso bamboo which makes it easier on knives and more convenient to clean than traditional hardwood and plastic.

Alabama Tea Towel

Home State Alabama Tea Towel 27x27 image 0

Photo courtesy of Mythic Plasma Art

Whether you’re looking for a housewarming gift for a couple of newlyweds or picking something out for your neat-freak friend, you can’t go wrong with something this versatile and functional. These cute Alabama tea towels are sustainably sourced and come in bleached and unbleached variants. With five color options to choose from and a myriad of applications, the classic tea towel makes for an endearing gift anyone would appreciate.

Framed Print of City Map

Birmingham Alabama Birmingham map Birmingham print image 0

Photo courtesy of Mapery Prints

For the friend with a flair for interior design, consider this premium framed Art Deco map print of any city you choose. Sometimes you just need to get specific with your Alabama love – city specific! With its elegant use of typeface and luxurious aluminum frame, it’s especially perfect as a going away gift. However, there’s no reason why long-time residents of the state wouldn’t appreciate some proper representation for their favorite Alabama city, as well! 

Personalized Alabama Coir Doormat

Personalized Alabama Door Mat-Alabama Home Decor Alabama image 0

Photo courtesy of The Cotton Candy Otter

Home sweet home is right, both for the state of Alabama and our actual homes! Made of coir, this personalized Alabama doormat serves its purpose while being perfectly charming at the same time. Just imagine arriving at a friend’s porch to a sweet Alabama welcome right off the bat. It’s sure to put a smile on your friend’s face as well as on the faces of all their future guests. 

Alabama Sweatshirt

Alabama Sweatshirt Home Hoodie or Crewneck Crew Neck image 0

Photo courtesy of Marley And Me Creations

Sometimes you love something so much that you can’t help but scream it from the rooftops or…you know, wear it on your chest. This sweatshirt is a great gift for those friends who have perhaps moved away and are feeling rather homesick. Additionally, it acts as a great conversation starter when meeting new people because really, given the chance – wouldn’t most of us talk anyone’s ear off, when it comes to our favorite state of Alabama?

Glass Yellowhammer Figurine

Glass Yellowhammer Figurine Hand Blown Glass Bird Miniature image 0

Photo courtesy of Glass Zoo Shop

This hand-blown glass Yellowhammer figurine would be fitting for the friend who just already seems to own everything Alabama-related! The glass version of the state’s official bird is a great collectible. Moreover, due to the skillful handmade quality of the gift, each piece is guaranteed to be truly one of a kind. Showing your Alabama-obsessed friend that you care will be no problem with this delicate little birdie. 

Alabama Ceramic Ornament by Prodigal Pottery

Alabama State Ornament Alabama Ornament State Ornament image 0

Photo courtesy of Prodigal Pottery

With Christmas right around the corner, why not give this Alabama state ornament to hang on the Christmas tree? These unique ceramic ornaments are handmade in Alabama by women working to escape homelessness and domestic abuse. All sales proceeds go into the upliftment of these women, so if you are looking for a gift from and for Alabama, this is the one. 

Homesick Alabama Scented Candle

No matter how many miles separate your friend from the Yellowhammer State, they will feel instantly transported back with this Alabama scented candle. This all-natural soy wax candle reminds you of wet roads after summer storms, sweet blackberries, and giant southern magnolias. With its base notes of vanilla, sugar, and musk, all packed into an elegant clear jar, this gift is sure to soothe the homesick soul.

Alabama Necklace

Alabama necklace-gift image 9

Photo courtesy of Macy Anne Designs

There’s not an Alabama girl out there that wouldn’t love this gift! Hand stamped with precision and care, this dainty necklace makes the wearer feel close to their favorite state wherever they go. Receiving jewelry that represents the real you is always endearing, so this one is a no-brainer. 

Beer Cap Map of Alabama

Beer Cap Map of Alabama Perfect Christmas Gift image 0

Photo courtesy of Bottle Cap Art Company

Is your friend a beer aficionado, obsessed with trying every brew out there? This gift will be just the thing they need to proudly display all their favorite local Alabama craft breweries. The beer cap map is made from locally sourced birch wood and cut with precision to represent the state accurately. The ridged holes hold your collection of bottle caps with ease but it’s just as convenient to pop them back out. A stylish, no-fuss way to showcase your two favorites-beer and Alabama! 

Custom Spa Gift Set

Natural Custom Spa Gift Set_ Soap Gift Relaxation Gift Box image 0

Photo courtesy of Sufficient Grace Homestead

This custom spa kit is an appealing option if what you are looking for is something intimate yet subtle. Sure, this one doesn’t scream Alabama like some of the other gifts on this list but it makes the cut because it’s sold by Sufficient Grace Homestead, a local business from the Cotton State itself. With so many specially curated products to choose from and an option to add your own personalized message, this gift is just as fun to make as it is to receive. What  better way to show support for Alabama than by providing it your valuable business!

Personalized Alabama Pillow

Photo courtesy of Maley Designs

It’s so easy to appreciate a snuggly pillow for a gift but add to it the fact that it’s adorably customizable and you get something irresistible. When ordering this pillow you are prompted to provide latitude and longitude coordinates, along with the name of the city in Alabama that you want highlighted. The finished pillow has a heart on the chosen city and the coordinates printed below in big, cute letters. It’s made with linen and stuffed with polyester, making it super easy to care for too!

Alabama Home Shirt

Alabama Home Shirt Bella Canvas Unisex Fit Tee State Pride image 0

Photo courtesy of Artworks Team & shared with permission | Design is all rights reserved

With hotter temps for most of the year, a t-shirt might just be the thing to sport your love for Alabama. Show off just how “sweet home” you think your state is with a choice of colors in this lightweight tee. It’s made of my most favorite tee shirt material out there!

Alabama State 2003 Silver Quarter Coin Ring

Coin Ring 2003 Silver Quarter CoinRing Illinois Alabama image 1

Coin Ring 2003 Silver Quarter CoinRing Illinois Alabama image 0

Photo courtesy of Nashville Mint

If your giftee has a penchant for hoarding odd knick-knacks and trinkets, chances are they’ll have an interest in this one. The coin ring is made from an original commemorative State Quarter Dollar Coin, minted in 2003. Available in multiple sizes, it reads “Alabama” along with the mint year on the outside and “United States of America” on the inside. Made of 90% sterling silver, it makes for a unique present even for the most avid coin collectors out there.

Alabama Mug

Alabama Mug  State Design White Ceramic Alabama Mug 11oz & image 0

Photo courtesy of Hey Mountains

The Alabama-loving coffee addict and the distant acquaintance (whom you know nothing about, except for the fact that they’re from the Cotton State) alike, will find comfort in receiving this mug as a gift. Who doesn’t love a warm beverage in a cute mug to kick start the morning? Made of ceramic, it displays a simple design along with the State motto: “We dare defend our rights.” You better believe we will! – especially our right to good gifts.

Alabama Shaped Bottle Opener Keychain

Alabama Shaped Bottle Opener Keychain image 0

Photo courtesy of Midwest Opener Company

The humble bottle opener is one of those items that you never know you will need until you need it. That’s why having a mini version on your person at all times makes sense and even more so, if it’s shaped like your favorite state. Made from durable stainless steel, this bottle opener is shaped like the state of Alabama, has a keychain hole, and comes with a keyring. A simple, straightforward, and useful gift that would probably go with your friend everywhere they went. 

Made In Alabama Onesie

Made in Alabama Baby Onesie®  Alabama Baby Outfit  Gift For image 0

Photo courtesy of Cutting Up A Storm

Babies stay little enough to dress up as we like for too short a period of time, do they not? That’s why it’s prudent that new parents get all their baby outfit dreams fulfilled as soon as possible. If they’re from Alabama, you can bet a onesie like this one will be on their list! This cheeky gift will give you some chuckles and for the lucky couple, some great photo ops.

State Printed Drinking Glasses

Choose your USA STATE Hand printed colorful SET of 2 pint image 0

Photo courtesy of vital

A fun addition to anyone’s glassware collection, these hand-printed glasses can be customized by choosing the state you want them to display. Apart from Alabama (of course), you have the option to choose from any of the other 49 states as well, making them great to collect and share with friends. These are the quirky accompaniments to a house party, that your friend probably doesn’t know they need yet.

Find the perfect gift for Christmas in this Alabama holiday gift guide featuring items inspired by or made in our amazing southern state! #giftguide #holiday #alabama #christmas #holidays #travelgifts #gifts
Find the perfect gift for Christmas in this Alabama holiday gift guide featuring items inspired by or made in our amazing southern state! #giftguide #holiday #alabama #christmas #holidays #travelgifts #gifts
Find the perfect gift for Christmas in this Alabama holiday gift guide featuring items inspired by or made in our amazing southern state! #giftguide #holiday #alabama #christmas #holidays #travelgifts #gifts

I hope this guide helped you pick the perfect gift for the state of Alabama lovers in your life! If you want more general travel-related gift ideas before settling on this year’s shopping list, check out these other unique travel gifts.

Do you know of an item that needs to make it on this Alabama holiday gift guide? Also, for max savings, keep your eyes peeled for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday deals!



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