May 26, 2024
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Sunflower Fields in Alabama

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Who knew? I have to admit, I didn’t. Granted, the sunflower fields in Alabama are relatively new, but I still can’t believe I didn’t know about them. This is a super-fun summer activity the whole family can safely enjoy even in our current global climate. Read on for my experience and best tips for visiting the sunflower fields in Alabama!

The Sunflower Fields in Alabama

Located in Autaugaville in central Alabama, the sunflower field is officially called Autauga County Sunflower Field. However, it’s known around the state as The Sunflower Field because, well, it’s the only one (I’m aware of) and it has skyrocketed up people’s bucket lists in the few short years since it opened.

And I found out firsthand why!

History of the Sunflower Fields in Alabama

A hit tourist attraction wasn’t exactly the goal of Kim and Todd Sheridan. That was a surprise byproduct which they happily embraced. 

The original fields, located across the street from the current ones, were planted several years ago as a cash crop. So many people began stopping to take photos that the Sheridans began planting the two fields across the street which are the fields visited today. 

With the planting of these two fields, the Sheridans cleared out a spot for a small parking lot to provide for visitor’s safety and I guess, the rest as they say, is Field of Dreams history!

The Sunflower Fields of Today

Today, the Sheridans’ Sunflower Field draws up to 1,000 visitors each day!

Every May, Todd plants in the vicinity of one million seeds total in his combined fields. The sunflowers bloom and typically peak in early July and remain at their best viewing for approximately 10 days. 

My Day at the Sunflower Fields in Alabama

In case you aren’t a resident of Alabama, and therefore not aware, it is scorching hot here in the summertime. And humid. You can NOT forget humidity as it’s really worse than the heat.

For this reason and because I didn’t care to view the fields with hundreds of my closest friends, we arrived at 10 am. If not for the drive from Birmingham, I would have arrived even earlier as the early hours of the morning and sunset are the suggested best viewing times. 

This proved to be a fantastic time to go as we pulled in and parked right at the entrance.

My husband came with me and he doesn’t overly love the heat either so we had a plan. Get the photos I need him for, get the flowers, and he goes back to the car while I wander around getting the photos I want. Sound familiar girls? 😉

Operation Sunflower Field went well. We did selfies (’cause Christmas cards y’all), he took photos of me, and then he cut our chosen 14 sunflowers to take home.

Yes, you can take sunflowers home with you!

For $10, you get a bucket and 14 beautiful, big sunflowers to take home with you!

If you don’t want that many, you can purchase single sunflowers for $1 each. 

The day I went, we brought our own bucket as they anticipated running out the day before (a Saturday). However, we arrived to a new inventory of cute little buckets with a choice of black or white.

PRO TIP: If you have them, bring your own cutters (able to cut 1/2-1 inch diameters) so you don't have to wait for a pair of theirs. 

After we got our 14 sunflowers, I sent my husband back to the free-flowing air conditioning of the car as promised. He took the flowers back with him stopping along the way at the entrance table to purchase a cold drink. 

Exploring the Sunflower Fields in Alabama

And with that, I was on my way to explore the rest of the property!

I’m fairly certain that even being from Alabama, this is the biggest tractor I’ve ever seen!

And it was even adorned with sunflowers (fitting) and patriotic decorations since the 4th of July had just passed.

After snapping this shot looking at the entrance from the back of the field, I rounded the corner and disappeared into a sea of sunflowers!

I think it’s important to mention that if an abundance of bees flying around isn’t your thing, the sunflower field might not be the place for you.

Having said that, the bees aren’t interested in you. It isn’t about you. It is ALL about the sunflowers. I’m fairly certain most of them didn’t even notice I was there as you can tell from so many of these photos! 

It was hard to narrow down all the photos I wanted to include in this post, so I didn’t. Here are the rest to enjoy! 

Directions to Alabama's Sunflower Fields

PRO TIP: Use the address 3301 Highway 14 West, Autaugaville, Alabama 36003 to take you right to the parking lot.

Visiting the Autauga County Sunflower Field makes a great day trip from most all major cities in Alabama. People even visit from Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida!

Approximate Driving Times From:

Where to Stay

If you are coming from farther away and wish to spend the night, try these Airbnb options or these hotel options near and around the Autauga County Sunflower Field.

Tips for Visiting the Sunflower Fields

Sunflower Field Tips

Hover on this image to get my best tips for visiting the sunflower fields in Alabama!


Know Before You Go

  • Entrance is free
  • $10 for a bucket with 14 sunflowers OR purchase single flowers for $1 each (optional)
  • Family photos are free but professional photography sessions are $20 each
  • Best times to visit for lighting, crowds, and heat are sunrise and sunset
  • NO pets allowed
  • Available for purchase: cold drinks, watermelon, cantaloupe, t-shirts
  • Wear appropriate footwear keeping in mind it might have rained in previous days producing muddy fields.

I highly recommend putting the Sunflower Fields in Alabama on your Alabama Bucket List. In addition to a fun, summer activity for all ages, you can get a head start on those Christmas card photos! 😁

If you’ve been to the Autauga County Sunflower Field, I would love to hear about your experience. Drop me a reply below and I’ll return it!



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